Need to know fact not fiction bout Jesus

    Whos is Jesus? how do we know he is real?

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    Most well read Atheists KNOW the man Jesus was here and had a following called, Christians.
    We have non-christian evidence from Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Josephus and more.

    This is a no brainer and anyone who says he wasn't here and hasn't even taken the time to look.

    You are going to have to look into the facts yourself, these are secular accounts of the man named Jesus, who preformed miracles, that walked the Earth. There is also the Bible which is proven time and time again, to be historically accurate. To find God you have to look for Him, it's easy to dismiss the facts because you don't want to believe. The difficult thing is to do the research yourself, especially when you don't want to believe.

    Good luck with your search, the proof is out there.

    jesus the son of the only god. was sent to the earth to fulfill prophocy. an he died for our sins,

    Jesus came from everlasting, in other words, He has always existed, except for His three day stint with death. He was/is co-creator of the world and everything in it. He was/is "I am", which means He met with Moses more than a thousand years before His sacrificial death. He is the law maker/giver, only He can provide forgiveness of sins. He bore guilt/reward of the sins that we deserve so that we might live eternal life that He deserves. Could go on, study your Bible, everything else is speculation.

    Facts you want? Simple answer - there ain't none!

    There's a profound difference between knowledge and belief. Believers, unfortunately, seem unable to differentiate between the two.
    A good read is 'The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man' by Robert M Price. Price is a noted biblical scholar and gives an objective view of Jesus' life in a balanced account.
    Blimey I am more confused than ever about this religion stuff. Son of man and son of god in same sentence? Another enlightened one says he has always existed, in which case he is no bodys son. He is co-creator of the world ? Does this mean the second coming will be the third coming? He is the lawmaker so he gave Moses the commandments not his dad. "Everything else is speculation"? The whole kit and caboodle is speculation, that is unless you decide god is not the boss. I can feel a headache coming on.

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