Why doesn't anyone on this web-site know how to spell??

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    Headless Man

    Just need to use spell-check.......


    I resent that.

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    To distract you from thinking about things that matter like chemtrails in the sky, poison in your food and water (your government is trying to kill you and you refuse to see it) while they play the constant drums of war (fear) at every level of your short life?


    I don't think that most people know what chemtrails are, but I noticed you usually include them in your answers maybe you should explain what they are or ask a question about the white lines we see in the sky.

    r skoul systims are fayling us Maybe there are people who are from countries whose national language isn't English. Although that just might be wishful thinking

    Most are from the USA and if you drive on the wrong side of the road, hold your fork in the wrong hand and can`t pronounce tomato how can you be expected to spell?

    mental midgets


    The politically correct term is not midgets, that's offensive. It is now Little people. Soon we are going to change it to vertically challenged.

    ole hipster

    You're absolutely right leeroy! May bad!

    ole hipster

    Here I added this comment and I spelled My wrong. I am flogging myself as I speak! lol

    Eye donut no. Butt iam werkin onit! soory. (You knew you would get a wise guy like me) Ha ha!

    Many times there are just typing errors and if one post alot like I do one does not bother to take the time to make sure everything is perfect. As long as I feeol the message is understood then that is good enough for me. Nobody is perfect.

    Does it really matter in the run of things we all have more important things to worry about. Don't we?
    and because we are lazy and can't be bothered to check.

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