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    whats a good day out ,not amussement parks,is sequoia national park a great plase to visit,comming from australia

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    If U R coming from Australia I would rent a car and drive on Highway 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway. It is very beautiful, and I think that the best place is near Monterey and also the Hearst Castle if U can see it. It is very ornate and many, many, movie stars have stayed there. In January 2012 I hope to be in Sydney celebrating the New Year!


    yes I agree, the central coast is beautiful and also you should visit San Francisco and Hollywood.

    big daddy

    going to sacramento then lake tahoe for a wedding after that we planed a drive from san fra to la over a week


    Yes Jennn, I went from Laguana Beach all the way through Carmel, Half Moon Bay into San Fransisco where I spent a wonderful 10 days. It will be a vacation that I will never forget!


    Just 4 your information Big Daddy. Most people take I5 from S.F. to L.A. however if U want a really scenic drive take Hwy #1 or PCH, U will enjoy it!

    Cali is huge where are you going to be??? If you are near the Sequoia YES it is worth the time.

    Sequoia and Kings Canyon next door are both wonderful Make the trip to all the National Parks you can in the USA because each is unique and has to be seen to be believed. Don't forget about Death Valley, especially in April when the fish are out. Yes, there are fish in Death Valley. Also get to the national park near Palm Springs called Yucca, in south. While there, take the tram above palm springs to play in the snow and see the area. If you can, get over to Yuma to try the date shakes and take in the huge sand dunes. Then drive north on US 93 or 95? to Nevada to take the Hoover Dam tour. From there it is only a short trip to Las Vegas and then up to Death Valley before heading west back into California and more national parks. The USA has more sites than you can possibly see in just the south-west, but if you plan correctly and have a week, you can tour most of our natural wonders. Just make sure you get the American Eagle Pass. It is a one time fee for the car getting you into every national park for a year for $50.00. It might be a bit more now, but if you are planning to visit at least two parks, it will pay for itself. Also, if you get to Death Valley, stop off at the restaurant there, the coffee was great the last two times I stopped.

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