What has gone wrong with your web site?

    Limited access, Gobbledegook about open access what ever that is! disappearing text.
    Do you really want to loose you forum?
    How many others are having these problems?

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    Ok why is it so unbelievably difficult to log in?
    Why when I ask for login details do I have be put off with a one time access which is virtually usless?
    Why do I have to hack in all the time?
    Why don't you make something simple?
    What is all this pages and pages of garbage about open ID?

    Why? Why/ Why?

    No problems here either. I agree with Randy. It sounds like you may have a virus.

    I think you have a virus or something with your computer.

    Sorry bestway...I'm good too. Good luck finding the problem.

    I'm not experiencing any problems.

    Thank you Coleen

    That is probably the most useful piece of information I have had from this site so far.

    Kind regards



    Step anti-virus

    step 2 go to tools and dump all your cookies.

    step 3 close all pages, browsers and open applications.

    step 4, run an update on the anti-virus. Updates can happen every few minutes.

    step 5, run deep scan. Do not go on the internet while the scan is running.

    Again, the deep scan takes a few hours so do all this just before you're ready to log off the computer for the night.



    I hope it helps. Good luck and you're welcome.

    Thanks Guys

    I will get it checked



    Try this,

    My computer guy swears by this. The deep scan can take a few hours so run it while you're sleeping. Make sure you get the latest updates before you run it.

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