How many pork pies do you eat each week?

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    I don't eat pork pies.  Roy likes the Pork & Pickle Pies for a snack when he's working.

    I've never enjoyed pork pies because I found them way too greasy!

    We have a mob in Queensland called BEEFY'S, great pies..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..Image result for beefy pies


    A "mob"? That's a large group of people here.
    terryfossil 1

    Yeah Quacker,a MOB in Aussie means 4 or more people,,each Aboriginal tribe in Aussie call their tribes,"A MOB of their people"..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Oh okay. Got it. :)

    ive never had any one. But I did just have a delicious coconut cream pie made from scratch. This lady makes the best pies.. 

    country bumpkin

    Nice compliment to the lady. You should show the lady your answer. You may get an extra slice of pie.

    CB I have not ate there in years. It's kinda far from us and only open in the mornings till mid afternoon. It use to be a truck stop back in the day, but the highway has long been long gone but they do stay open for locals. A friend of mine stop's sometimes and he got me a pie last week. Gerry still bakes all her pies from scratch. No pudding in these. And the crust are from scratch also. Google Truckers paradise. I think there's pics and reviews. Don't think there's a page. Guessing there's more than one, this one is NW Ohio
    country bumpkin

    I think I found it. Ripke Truckers Paradise
    7461 County Road 424
    Liberty Center. Ohio.

    You got it CB. Nice little restaurant.


    Never tried it that i know of. 

    I try to avoid eating any at all as they are high in fat and I have IBS

    None! In fact, I've NEVER eaten one.

    I like pork, but I've never seen or heard of a pork pie.

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