how do you put a 6year old boy on a diet

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    Have his mother or father take a good look in the mirror.
    Most young children learn all their eating habits from their parents.

    I suggest you put away the Cheese Doodles and Mountain Dew and start serving healthier food to your whole family. Juniors pounds will start to disappear along with mom and dads soon after.
    Well, first of all, you DON'T put a six year old on a diet. You change his lifestyle. Don't say no you cannot have that, try saying yes, but only a small bite, or one piece instead of two. Take him roller skating, mini golfing, walk around the park. Get him a dog and have him walk her everyday. Try exercise and less is best. No diet. Diets never work. Life style changes always work. it with him. Show him what his best weight would be and you get on the scale too. It always helps when there is more than one person trying to change their life. Good luck my dear. And first and foremost - check with his pediatrician before you start any life changing event.

    Best of luck
    I used to teach 1st grade. One year I had a child who was heavy and it bothered him because he was teased. He, with the support of his mother went on Weight Watchers and lost the weight with healthy benifits. He learned how and what foods to eat to lose and stay healthy for life.
    feed him 1 lightly salted crisp per day, that will sort him out,
    or make him listen to des oconner records that will put him off food for life!
    Unless he has health problems, diabetes, you don't want a 6 years old on a diet. Feed him healthy food, get him out and run!

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