Who was the first man in the Bible to die a natural death?

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    Adam in Genesis 5:5
    The fact of the matter was when Adam disobey God instruction,the curse was now upon him,which was death,no longer eternal life.But when God sent his son to regain eternal life.

    I have no idea of what you're trying to say.

    Adam was perfect before he ate the apple,however he did not put his trust in God,and went did his way,and disobey God instruction,like most of us do,there seem to be a way that is right in your own eye,but the way there of is death.
    Adam was sentence to die when he ate the apple (I don't think it was a
    Other wise he wouldn't have ever died, but after disobeying God he had to be forgiven and face death to get eternal life back.
    930 years seems like a long time but it was up to him and Eve to start to populate the earth.

    Randy, you say that Adam was originally put on earth for eternity ? Is that stated in the Bible?
    Headless Man

    No, but he was on a perfect earth with no sin and all food and other needs were suppled until they sinned.

    It sounds like God anticipated his sin. Otherwise, he'd still be alive today, right?
    Headless Man

    God gave Adam and Eve free choice or we would all be complaining of being slaves.
    God I'm sure knew what would happen, you don't surprise Him.
    Grit Savage

    how would we know to complain? surely if we had no free choice we wouldn't be able to complain! ;-)
    I thought the apple did him in. Keeping the doctor away isn't always a good thing.

    Death came as a result of Adam’s disobedience.

    But that isn't a natural death.

    Adam grew old and died naturally at 930 years of age (Gen 5:5).

    You first said that he died for disobeying but now you say he died naturally. It's one or the other. Which one ?

    In Adam's case, it was eating the forbidden fruit, the sin that lead to death. He was the first man created, and the first man to die naturally.

    You claim that Adam lived (according to scripture) to the ripe old age of 930 years. ( 930 months, perhaps I would believe but YEARS ?)
    Anyway, I'll give you a free pass on that one for now.

    How old was Adam when he ate the forbidden apple ?

    Adam's age after eating of the forbidden fruit, I don't think it was recorded, but, the age of his death was recorded. We know Adam was created, and we know Adam died.

    Well, that's the whole point ! If he ate the Mac at age 30 and croaked 900 years later, you can hardly say that he died as a result of eating the apple ( disobeying). He died of old age. Nothing to do with the apple. Can't you see that ?

    Maybe other believers reading this will jump in to help.

    bottom line...Adam's dead!

    Bottom line: That must be your way of saying, "Yeah, I know it doesn't make any sense to me either but I've made my mind up to believe anything, no matter how silly it sounds...end of discussion"

    this is something we can agree too...end of discussion! :-)

    Adam spiritually died when he ate the forbidden fruit. He physically died much later. All people are now born spiritually dead, and why we need to be "reborn" again through the saving grace Jesus provided us.
    Grit Savage

    nice one Digger ;-)

    the earth was a lot more human friendly before the flood imagine all the suns rays that were blocked out notice how life spans started shortening after the flood
    Grit Savage

    @dwayne, when did your flood occur? (give or take a 100 years) ;-)
    Adam spiritually died when he ate the forbidden fruit. He physically died much later. All people are now born spiritually dead, and why we need to be "reborn" again through the saving grace Jesus provided us.

    Why are we "paying" for Adam's sin ? Why aren't we all provided with the same terms of choice (to sin or not to sin)as Adam was given? This is not in keeping with our system of justice whereby all people are innocent until proven guilty.

    Instead, we are all guilty at birth and asked to atone for someone else's crime until we confess for our non-crime by means of asking Jesus for forgiveness ?

    Eventually all would sin (except Jesus). It is now like a genetic terminal disease. Justice prevailed when Jesus shed His blood for you so you don't need to suffer eternal death.

    What happened to those that lived between the time of Adam's sin (date mysteriously not documented) and the crucifixion ?

    Were they eligible for eternal life ? If so, how ?

    You can get a reasonable time frame from following the geneology from Jesus back to Adam. Those who believed in God for their salvation were considered righteous. So instead of looking back at the history of His salvation work on the cross in faith as we do today, they looked forward to His promise in faith.

    As a non-believer, you can appreciate that my genealogical study of the period between the two terms of reference (Adam's sin committal and the crucifixion)is not as thorough as yours.

    2 questions:

    1-How many years does the period cover.
    2-If the crucifixion symbolized Jesus's dying for our sins and offering eternal salvation to those that would henceforth accept Him as savior, what happened to those who lived and died during the aforementioned period;that is, BEFORE he offered eternal salvation from the crucifixion ?
    adam caused us all to die ,unless we accept christ
    see comment!
    "but he was on a perfect earth with no sin and all food and other needs were suppled until they sinned"

    this sounds just like what they want their "heaven" to be like! Boring!

    according the "bible" "adam" sinned by scoffing something he shouldn't have, an Apple! (all food and other needs were suppled until they sinned) is an apple not food? what would have happened if he ate a banana? at least it looks suggestive!! ;-)
    Headless Man

    Funny Grit, haven't debated with you lately.
    They were told not to eat the fruit of the tree, don't really knows for sure if it was an apple.

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