How can you build a still?

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    Want to build one on my property ... legal or not. Just for recreation.

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    Anyone can legally build a distillery and operate it in the production of alcohol for your personal use and consumption. However it is illegal to sell alcohol unless authorized by the Feds. I have run stills and made lots of alcohol. I don’t like to drink alcohol but lots of friends tried to drink all I made. I prefer to use it to flush water out of automotive fuel lines, to thin paint and to produce wax, varnish, dry clean fabric, concentrate plant oils and perfume scents. There are hundreds of useful products that can be made using alcohol and if you are set up to make alcohol there are lots of chemicals and compounds that are easily produced. Legally you can produce 50 gallons of alcohol for your own use per year and you can’t sell a bop or barter it in exchange. The Feds would come to my house and offer to buy a quart for $20 with regularity. My neighbors complained and I continued to make alcohol and would today but for the fact that I don’t need to. -
    i wish i knew i;d save a fortune on my wife alone.
    Legality depends on country. In UK I believe it is illegal to use a still. In NZ home distillation is legal. Here in France mobile distillers operate, but for how long I don't know. Last year we had 120kg of fermented plums distilled and got about 10 litres of alcohol at 50%.
    You can't - legally.
    You can try going on this site: Looks interesting but highly illegal!

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