What will be the 6 winning numbers between 1 and 49 in the uk lottery tonight?

    Its 7pm in uk i got half an hour to buy my tickets!

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    05-09-15-30-32-39. Guaranteed !
    harry crumb

    Well done Digger you got all 6 correct and i am now a millionaire, i love this site!

    ...uhh,Harry?...we need to discuss a thing or two...offline.
    9,20,39,42,45,01 Send my share to IamPamela313 , and she can divide it up among those with more karmic points than me proportionately.

    Thanks, Robert...I will also, include you. :-)
    I agree with robertgrist. I checked with the UK lottery board and the numbers that they will pick tonight are--- 9,20.39,42,45,01. These numbers are confirmed.

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    harry crumb

    you got 9 and 39

    Vinny's an novice at this sort of thing. Stick with me, Harry , and soon we'll buy back Manhattan and Louisiana from the yanks !

    You can have Louisiana, it's flooded and Manhattan doesn't claim USA anyway, they're looking for a buyer. If you play it right, you can get California and Vermont too.. LOL And I do too know how to gamble, I won 1k in a church raffle back in 1967.. :)

    Bingo isn't considered gambling.'-)
    Will I win if I get it right........?
    harry crumb

    If you get it right i will buy you a drink or 2
    Headless Man

    Will you pay for a trip to the UK, I only drink non alcoholic beverages.
    1,2,3,4,5,6 good a chance as any.
    harry crumb

    You got number 5
    Try a "quick pick" lottery ticket...good luck!
    7,12,24,26,35,49....when you win I'll forward my mailing address for my share!
    1369 the unlucky guess the rest
    The Euro lottery rollover is now worth a massive 117 Million pounds!

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