Is anyone familiar with the psychol. condition "Highly Sensitive Person" (serious question)

    Do you have a personal experience like being being diagnosed, or professional information, you'd like to share? It's always great to understand yourself...

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    I am that person......It's someone who can't stand certain types of clothing touching their skin. Someone who's hearing is 5X more sensitive than anyone else. Someone who doesn't like to sit under a light----b/c it hurts their eyes and forehead. Someone who can't stand high-pitched voices---like some of thse women newscasters; and can't stand raucous T V and radio commercials.....and this tech-no nonsense that is 2 chords---that they call music. Someone for whom if is hard to listne to '' rap-music '' ....which is an oxcymoron. Rap is not music

    I hear you! I bet you also are very sensitive to other peoples' emotions too, to the point where they really affect you.
    Since you mention music, I recommendsome Hawaiian music:
    Keola Beamer plays nice "sunset' guitar
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole has Facing Future, a good one
    Just about any from "Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau'
    Those are fromt he "Hawaiian Renaissance" in Music in the '70s-'80s. Also Peter Moon's "Malie" (mostly soft love songs about the Hawaiian land)
    Take care! I'm a mommy too, although my feet are an enemy...
    There's a book called The Highly Sensitive Person. I am that. I have the professional diagnosis of ADD and Anxiety Disorder. I read the book 20 years ago ... I don't think it's a professional dx.

    I hope I can get the book. Finally, after many years, I have a diagnosis , and someone who understands me. My mother just kept telling me I'm a ''complainer ''
    could you be refering ti bi-polar if so i know its treatable..
    Yes, that's where I just learned about it & have asked several therapists about it, waiting for answers. I'm starting my "data collection" for different personal experiences. Thanks!

    Do you mind explaining what you mean by your data collection?
    no, not bipolar, thanks

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