What happens when earth shifts on axis?

    What could happen if the earth shifts on it's axis. I watched the weather channel the other day and they said it shifted 4 inches because of the Japan Quake. If so, would it cause a change in weather patters world wide?

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    Steven A Teare

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    Steven A Teare

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    Nope. The Earth is constantly shifting and swinging on its axis. The tilt of the Earth, currently about 23.5 degrees off the pole, has been moving for as long as there has been an Earth and moon. In fact, Polaris, the North Star will not be the North Star forever, but will move further and further from that spot as time progresses. Now, if we get hit by a comet or another really big asteroid, then nothing would matter because we would all be dead anyway. But if you did survive, then the world might be so far off its axis that the weather patterns would change. You can read more about this on the and there used to be a learning link about this very subject on too. Not sure if it still there, but you can search for it on those two sites and probably find information on it. A third site that might have additional information is

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