i wonder if deep breathing ... like when you run is good for your lungs. there is some yoga that advocates this.

    do you know anything about this. I'm sedentary because of a neck injury. (of course!)

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    Yes, it is good for your lungs, your blood (adds oxygen to your blood, oxygen in your blood promotes healing) and it helps your brain. Just don't breath deeply too quickly or you may pass out, lol
    Yes it is very good for you really good for oxigen for blood also the brain I do pilaties and there is a lot of breathing going on there
    Deep breathing is what everyone who meditates do first. It relaxes your whole body and mind. It's good for you.
    Deep breathing has many benefits and definitely something that you can do with your neck injury.

    Check out this link...
    and keegle is good too. I guess. i hear different things about that.
    i'll start tomorrow.

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