how long should you be off opiates so your baby isn't born addicted

    off heroin but on subutex but dont want my baby to have to stay in the hospital a month to detox

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    Three mo.. before getting preg is the best thing for the baby total developement... If you have been using there let your dr know... they will not judge you. If your system is clean now your baby has a chance of being born clean...
    Also applies to alcohol. Foetal alcohol syndrome is a major health problem.

    Should have said don't smoke either.
    Bringing new humans into the world is s serious business and If parents are not prepared to put their own lives in order they should not *uck up the next generation.
    I have a nephew that was born positive for drugs and they have messed up this childs mind terribly with no end in sight and he is 10 yrs. old now, my advise to you is get off and get off now
    Corn, BE DRUG FREE as of tomorrow and pray that your baby that you're having in 2 months is fine. Drugs screw up full grown adults. Infants can't handle them.

    You're asking for do the mature thing and listen to all of us and think of your child first. narcotics anonymous can help you far more than I can.

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