i'm 7 months pregnate what should i do?

    i never been to an obgyn and am now detoxing fould from heroin.

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    Hope for a healthy baby. If there is anything wrong with that baby, that can be attributed to heroin, you should be put away for good.

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    It is quite clear you have no business having a baby if you don't  care enough  for the baby to see a doctor.  Are you afraid the doctor will turn you into the authorities because you are on drugs, (or have recently been on drugs)? Another reason why it is evident you shouldn't be having a baby. Don't you dare think for one moment that I am suggesting you

     Are you afraid the doctor will turn you into the authorities because you are on drugs or have recently been on drugs?  This is another reason why it is evident you shouldn't be having a baby.

     Please don't think for one moment that I am suggesting you abort this baby because I am not, but you need to get your act together and start placing this unborn child's needs ahead of your own selfish needs or give it up for adoption.  I have too many drug addicts in my family who have dumped on their children and ruined their children's health and lives because they chose drink and drugs over their own flesh and blood.


    TU country bumkin.Good response,you said it all.
    country bumpkin

    I figured I would catch he11 for saying this so thank you for your comment.

    Hey CB...sometimes the truth hurts but needs to be said. Well done!
    country bumpkin

    Appreciate it, Coach.

    actually been off heroin for months now on subutex slowley getting off .... by the time i relised i was pregnate cause i was still getting my period and was not showing i cant find a dr. that will take meeen seen 5mnths along and never b and the er does nothing my real question is how do i find a dr to see me cause they wont
    country bumpkin

    Planned Parenthood may be able to help you. There are doctors who will treat you
    without insurance. Call your local health department and ask them for this type of facility. Have you tried going to the ER? Just walk in and tell them you are pg and that you are bleeding or having contractions. I don't like suggesting that you should be deceitful, but once you have a check up then they should be able to give you some information about who to see. Don't know if any of this will help but I hope so.

    If the hospital is federally funded, they have to see you and treat you for free.

    Country bumpkin I think you were spot on with your comments.

    Sometimes you have to tell it as it is so well done and keep up the honesty. Sympathy in many cases only reinforces the habit.

    tell `em like it tis, country!
    Hope your child suffers no term abnormalities. Perhaps other young women reading this will think twice about what consequences arise while getting high and pregnant. No OBGYN?. Go to the local emergency room and complain of discomfort. They must treat you by law. Than mention your dilemma, they will direct you to the appropriate agency to contact. I really wish you and your unborn all the luck in the world.
    See an ob NOW.. if you do not want a child there are plenty of ppl who do... If you do not have ins.. go to your local save a life center or the ER...
    Stay off the drugs & get to your GP or hospital ASAP.
    GET TO THE DOCTOR! Your health is important but the baby's health is MUCH more important. I'm glad you've kicked the heroin but you'll have to be totally unselfish when the baby arrives so start now by seeing the physician ASAP. When that baby gets here...stay OFF all the drugs! This will be tough so find support groups that will help you. Best of luck kiddo!
    Hi Corn first of all you need to see a Doctor to check on your baby and your self as you dont want to start fitting I know you said you were detoxing from herion Are you doing this wih medical help ( I hope so ) you must relize that your baby could well be hooked on your drugs this is why you need URGENT medical help you also need to go into rehab and have you thought of addoption if you feel you can not look after this child you sound quite young!have you any family that can look after you and the baby until you can get your head together the proplems you face for you and your baby are gray as you a former addict you must find help YOU can not do this on your own AND You must relize that you have a gift in your Tummy from God Ask him he will listen good luck for you and your baby GET TO THE DOCTOR ASAP
    Clean yourself up, go see a doctor, go to church, have the baby sne love it and give the baby what you never had, god gave you a gift for a reason.
    Doctors have a duty of care to see patients,the only reason they would dismiss treating you would be that you may have been rude or abusive to the Doctor or the staff.I sincerely hope your baby is born without complications due to your previous drug use.

    That's quite an assumption about being rude to staff, there. This girl is scared. Unscare her to strengthen her.

    If you look down the page,Corn is telling us that all the Doctors she goes to wont see her,there must be a reason that they are refusing her medical treatment.I was'nt assuming that she was rude or abusive,but what other reason is there for medical practioners to deny someone the treatment they deserve.I cant see in my answer where i have scared her.
    You'll feel better as soon as you address the facts: you have a baby inside you and you have an illness. You really need that Dr. to get it sorted out. People have strong opinions about these things based on their own experiences. One day you will too. Till then, drop the fear and let someone else take care of you medically. Someone mentioned the E.R. - I agree, unless you have a social worker you can work with quickly. Just do what they say for treatment. Consider adopting out your baby - you can't provide for it right now. My cousins had to do that, and my cousins went on to have wonderful famililes and moer children with their husbands. Picture yourself healthy and happy - others have done it!

    Thats quite an assumption about not being able to provide for her baby,why cant she ? now that is what i call "scaring someone".
    Hey Zeus!! Cheer up dude/dudette!! You made it!! Yo momma decided to go ahead with it! LOL
    Maybe one of these site may help you, stay strong and God bless:

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