is levitation real

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    No. Can you walk on clouds or float like a butterfly?

    Hey friend, you get the pictures?
    Not sure...I'm "up in the air" about this one.

    LMAO, Coach. :-D
    Last time I levitated was after taking a double dose of pain meds! ....I won't do that again!
    Magics are evil! LOL

    No, I do not think levitation is real but its a cool trick.
    YEP it's real....But these days fake magicians come across and they try to levitate by using various materials and tricks/illusions. But Real magicians do not need such things...they can do it through supernatural powers given by reciting words. It's called black magic....

    You really believe this? I know that there exists (supposedly) 'Kinetic energy' and there are some really cool unexplained happenings but somewhere underlying i think its a trick.. A good one too..
    I have been that high.

    on cloud 54... lol!
    ed shank

    At club 54, I'm giving away my age again.
    I can levitate, myself, other people various objects and other things. But I ain’t showing nobody nothing. How you do that? Can you do that again? Let me call someone to come over and take a picture? Did you see that Yes But it had to be a trick. He can’t do that? Nobody can It just some trick with strings, mirrors or smoke. Did you see it? See what ? Did you do that? I can’t believe he did that. Now Bobby tell these people you didn’t do that and y’all go home. Go on get out of here, good night. Bobby don’t you ever do that again, you know what they’ll do if the government finds out what you can do…and if they geta-hold of you well never see you again. They lock freaks like you up and throw the key away. so don’t you do that again.
    maybe if you're a helicopter, you could levitate
    that was funny! I dont care who you are
    If you're Chris Angel
    I'm evolving and morphing !!
    Some yogis in India can levitate.
    i have levitated after a mexican buffet does that count
    uh ooo I think im leviting!

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