My dog has diarhea. What can I give her to help settle her stomach?

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    I have always given my animals boiled rice mixed in with steamed chicken but you should really starve her for at least 24 hrs then give then give little portions of the chicken and rice if no better see a vet asap good luck
    Boiled chicken and steamed rice. It's what my vet recommends.
    6dogs says: You're all correct, but you forgot the sequence of events. When you dog gets diarrhea you stop feeding for 24 hours to allow the diarrhea to move out of the intestines and give the stomach a rest. At this time, each time the dogs "goes" and still has the problem - you give a dose of Pepto. After the 24 hours of fasting, then give the dog either boiled hamberger meat with grease removed, combined with (Low Fat) cottage cheese or boiled chicken or turkey with grease removed combined with (Low Fat) cottage cheese. The gives the needed protein needed to keep the dog satisfied. I never have cottage cheese around the house so I use Low Fat Yogurt instead, which works just as well. I have a dog that can't have dairy products so we do the rice mixture instead of yogurt. You give this mixture to the dog in small amounts, allowing the stomach to get accustomed to eating again yet not upsetting it, Over the course of three to four meals (usually two days worth) and then begin to incorporate regular food into this mixture a little at a time over the course of another two days.

    Now for those people who get impatient and do not want to go through this process, sometimes the dog just got into something that caused this problem and normally having a cast iron stomach, they can go back to eating their regular dog food after the 24 hour fast. Not everyone has this luck, thus the above directions are for those with puppies having finicky tummies.

    Interesting... never heard of giving them pepto bismol. How much (22 lb dog). Do they like it, or how do you get it down? My vet always just says to feed him the boiled chicken and rice.

    Flip, most dogs that are easy going will take it with no problem, but not the finicky ones. I got syringes (without the needle) from the vet and fill up on syringe full of Pepto then squirt it into their mouths. For a small dog I would give whatever a young child dosage would be. The diet is correct, but just like people, if you continue to eat when you have diarrhea, you may continue to have the diarrhea.

    Hi 6dogs I did mention to stave first for 24 hrs yea your right about the dehydration i have done the same with the cats taken the needle out but you do have to be careful with cats incase it goes down their lungs we have done this also by injecting the water into their skin of course the vet showed us how to do this good answer and I would not expect any thing less from you,You are brilliant hugs

    Thank you so much mel!
    pepto bismol. for real.
    Yes, pepto bismol is good and watch if you change her food or give her table scraps because this will cause diarrhea.
    I shall leave this question for 6dogs4us to answer.

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