i recently gave blood at a blood bank .i was sent a letter 2 weeks later indicateing that i tested positive for syphillis.another test called tra was done and was postive.also a test called rpr was proformed and that test was negative.the test said i was postive for antibodies to syphillis.the tpa verified the presence of these antibodies.the rprtest shown it was unlikely that the disease was active. what i want to know what do it means

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    This sounds as though you are asymtomatic. This means you harbour the disease (or virus etc.)in your system but you have no signs or symptoms of the disease.

    You might want to mention this to your wife.
    sounds complicated to me. take your report to the doctor. hopefully he can explain in easier terms.
    The good news is that syphilis is bacterial which means there is a cure unlike viral diseases. See you doctor and in the mean time check out this website...

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