for all you old fogeys out there- do you know what you look like face down? look in a mirror and see. i did. lmao

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    I tend to drop my head doing
    Lol...I get it...I've seen just how bad I look in a mirror that way.I don't see this as an insulting question because when you look at your reflection from that angle do look like an old fogey no matter what. Good for a laugh.
    I am an old fogey, dinosaur and oldie. Have almost white hair, which I love by the way. Have more lines than the telephone Company and if a woman doesn`t like what I look lie from her position she only has to close her eyes and enjoy the "Rapture" or take up the woman superior. I am easy.
    LOL,I'm 34,but I'll keep your advice in mind for the future.Funny though.
    WoW...I did it and I look a lot

    Ann...Why the down vote for this answer...perhaps a mistake
    I keep seeing Brad Pitt in my mirror. That's a pretty cool trick you young "whippersnapper".
    I'm not even going to try and understand this. I'm thinking of removing it because I'm not all that impressed with the wording. We do not have any "old fogeys" here.

    how do you know. maybe im one. aint none of us no spring chickens no more.(sigh)

    Well then I'll settle with you being the only one. I do not think the term old fogey is an acceptable term. My opinion. You can insult yourself all you want however. How do you know none of us are spring chickens? You are presuming a lot here. I take after my mother, I'm 49 with no wrinkles. She's 77 and has no wrinkles. She does however have 9 (yes, I counted them) grey hairs in her black hair. No, she does not color her hair. She has no need to. Sorry you've gone to heck though. Must be tough. Yes, I do feel better giving you a TD for the one you gave me here. :)

    im 56 with no wrinkles and a head full of red brown hair.however both my parents died when i was a child so there is no pattern here. no heck here!

    Hmm, then you should not be calling yourself an old fogey.
    Why do I not understand this???

    just bend over and look in the mirror. see how you skin looks? think of your girlfriend looking up from under ya!

    Wow, now i get it, fortunately I look the same standing as bending over.. I work out. Also, I was lucky, I take after my mom, she lived to 84, never had one wrinkle and only a few strands of gray in her hair. Runs on mom's side. Dad was not too wrinkled either but he passed much earlier.. maybe its an Italian thing, i dunno.
    Remember that is the view your partner can see at a critical

    thats why its so funny!

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