Is UKPCH a fraud?

    Is UKPublishers Clearing House a fraud. They said that I won some money and I don't believe them. I think it is a fraud. Please answer. Thank you,

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    yes its a scam!! If you still feel unsure then please send money to the CUCUMBER clearing house.
    Publishers Clearinghouse here in the US is the same I should think. They keep sending you stuff in the mail to get you to buy magazines and other junk, each time promising you are getting further along in the game. Finally they announce a winner by coming to your house with a big check.

    If they are telling you that you have won some money, I would ask them what you have to do to get it. Buy some more magazines?
    This is stupid. I got no answer to my question. I don't know what the heck else I can say. I'm sure that you can understand my question. IS UKPUBLIDHRS CLEARING HOUSE a fraud?

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