Is UKPublisher Clearing House a fraud?

    UKPCH e-mailed me that I won money. They don't ask for any money only that I call and mail to Christopher Irving with this information. My name, Address, Tel. Sex.nationality and age. I don't believe this is real. Am I right? Thanks, Pat

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    pasquini you have posted two threads on this subject are you trying to double your pleasure or pain? start paying attention to the answers given this is not rocket science.
    It's a scam, Google will direct you to sites that will confirm this.
    Not necessarily, but proceed with caution.
    I don't know what new question I could ask. You did not answer my question. I don't see any reason why you cannot answer. I don't why your title is Ask a Question when you people don't answer. I am very dissapointed in you. Why do you say ask and they you don't answer. You did NOT answer my question for the third time.

    The answers on this site are given by volunteers when they get a chance to log on. If the volunteers on do not know the answer, they will not give an answer. We search the answers on the internet, the same way you can.

    It appears at the same time you complained, someone answered you.
    Is UKPCH a fraud?
    I got no answer

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