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    I did some housework for a woman who won't answer my calls or answer the door. How do I get the money I earned and the supplies I left behind that I brought?

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    imagine yourself being paid see her face at the door handing you the money always works

    Mail her a letter saying you will be taking her to small claims court if she doesn't send you a check for what she owes you in 10 working days

    I was going to suggest small claims court also, or the embarresment route. This person has most likely stiffed other people, your not the first. If it's a condo or apt bldg print out some flyers and hang in the entrance ways of her bldg and other bldgs in the complex basically telling people their neighbor is a dead beat, if it's a house get the addresses of homes on the block and do the same thing, the cost would be stamps, If your in contact with other self employed domestics spread the word, eventually she'll have to clean her own house.. good luck!

    What goes around comes around I think that was the saying goes. It is not an easy question to answer as only hearing one side therefore I cannot give a correct answer for you I'm afraid. Just treat it as a good deed. She will realise the error and the pain she has caused maybe she will one day repay you in her own time. Move along... Life's too short.

    Alano, it was only $223, but I needed that money to pay my mechanic who kept my car running. I am tired of calling her home and receiving no answer, just the machine. As far as my work goes, I did her a good turn and that is how she treated me. All I can say is shame on her, it will come back to bite her someday.

    put a lean on her house then a bank wont touch her

    Does she go to church? If so, find out where. Then write her a nice letter and tell her you're sorry for the apparent financial trouble she's having. Then tell her you plan to speak to someone at her church to see if they have any volunteers they can send over to help her with her future housecleaning. If she doesn't go to church, just name the one closest to her house where she's liable to know people. Who knows, maybe she'll be embarrassed enough to pay you just to keep you from "helping" her.

    hi there how much does she owe and what tools did you leave there i am a widowcleaner and get this all the time if its affordable to leave the money and walk away then do it otherwise send her a letter`saying you will call on a certain day to collect outstanding monies and tools left behind dont go down the route of is there anything wrong with the work done she will make somthing up to annoy you i know i found out the hard way hope this helps

    You may not be able to collect the monies due you. Change your attitude towards this and see it as an act of kindness and love, forget about the money. You will feel better about it and let God deal with her heart.

    brian hawk

    My dad always says that God helps those who helps themselves. Don't just sit down and wait, act and God will be on your side.


    The first answer is a wise way to look at it. I would take the advice and just give it all up to God, He will be free from the struggle and God knows just what you need and try and pray for her!


    I would take the advice given in the first answer. God knows just what is going on and what you need. He will take care of you and giving it up to Him will relieve the struggle for you. Try praying for her and watch God do His mighty work!

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