dose doctor zamboines cure for m.s. work

    doctor pablo zamboini has cured8 out of 10 I know of. what i want to knowis dose his treatment really wpork

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    as I stated in other comments,we have been dealing with this disease for 17 years now.Our oldest daughter is the sufferer.There is no known cure.Be very careful.Do not forward any money to anybody until you see some results.
    I can't even find a Dr. Zamboini, so much for him curing anything.

    In the 17 years that we have been dealing with this awful disease there have been many of these miracle cures presented to us.All have turned out to be scams designed to separate a mug from his money.

    Be really cool to see a healthy man of the family dragging the goon down to the street to the police station.Then charging him or her for scamming the desperate then a trial off to the big house

    before this desiase I made a living as a investigator,Dr.zambonies cure works 8 out of 10 times thats why they now have hospital in the states,one up north,one on the west coast.there are even videos os people that had it done on youube.
    just think who looses money if they ok a cure.
    how much do you spend a month on meds?
    Be careful I have ms you have a lot of creep's out there who love to rip off the desperate!!

    One jerk was going to cure our daughter by shining different coloured lights into her body.Like acupuncture only with lights instead of needles.We had driven 100 miles to see him because of the big wrap up we were given about him.Turned out he was a house painter thru the week & did this for extra cash on the weekend.I nearly flattened the bastard.My wife restrained me.
    IN the USA years ago they had something called the bee sting cure. I never would try it. Scared to death of bees and you had to buy a hive from them ugh. That did not last long

    See that's just total BS whovin.It could be really dangerous.Who knows what vital organs could shut down because of the bee stings only making the suffering worse.My advise to you is to get plenty of Vitamin"D"(Good ol' sunshine),plenty of physio (But don't overdo it & wear yourself out) & keep cool.(literally)

    Thank you I will do that
    Our daughter is way past treatment.they won't give her the betaseron because it wouldn't do her any good.She has a very aggressive strain of MS.She is now quadrapelegic,totally incontinent,can no longer speak & has difficulty swallowing food.
    I don't usually like to speak about this to other MS sufferers for fear that they might take it as what lays ahead for them.I will point out again that she has an extremely aggressive strain of MS & what I have said does not indicate what is in your future.
    No- one has ever offered a reasonable explanation for the cause of Multiple Sclerosis and until they find the cause they will never find the cure.has anyone ever told you what caused your MS? Maybe that is a good question for Dr.Zambiones to address.I for one would love to hear his reply.

    Nope when I came down with this of course I searched internet super confusing one expert said this one said that even one blog was called MS sucks just stopped looking no one had any answers that made sense

    Yep,sorry about that my friend but that's the hard reality of it.I wish you well.Do you have a family to support you?

    I have a good neurologist I follow his advice I had 2 others before him I really did not like the first he would not even talk with me or explain what MS was the second his waiting room was allway's so full you wait some times 3 4 hours to seem him.The new he is explains things plus he is through and I like him what shot treatments dose daughter uses I use BETASERSON since 2002

    yes I do my mom and dad 2 sister's they help me

    Pleased to hear it.Makes the journey a little easier.:)

    there are too many people free from this desiase to say it a cowincedece my mother works for the hospital she riminds me of how much money will be lost if its cured.its funny I can spend the money to go to wsedean,philiopens,oreven mexico to be ride of this deseiase but here in the states. i understand they wood loose money(my meds are1100,A mounth times just the people i know thats a lot of cash

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