anxiety attack

    What are some things i can do to calm or help my anxiety attack?

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    know that you are fine, nothing is really happening that can hurt you, just feel and believe you are great and the universe is taking care of you and everything that happens is supposed to happen! take care and deep breathings great too!!

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    I was told when you start to feel that way....stand in front of a door way and look at the edge of the door frame. Look up and down the edge over and over...eyes moving up and down and it will clam you. You can do the same with a wall edge. Concentrate on it as your eyes move up and down. It sounds weird but it works every time! Take enough time concentrating on it and you will feel the anxiety ease...I promise.

    Have a total blood workup done you may have a chemical imbalance. Have your thyroid checked as well. Avoid booze till you do it.

    Deep breaths...

    CITALOPRAM: Prescription from a doctor. Helps a certain SOMEONE with his anxiety problem that is no more. Good luck.

    Lexapro from your doctor


    Citalopram is very similar to another SSRI, escitalopram (Lexapro)

    I agree with all the answers, however, I do feel that anyone who is suffering from anxiety should seek help from an internist, psychologist, counselor who specializes. We all have times of anxiety, however, there is an underlying reason for this; like any other disorder or illness, we should seek assistance. I have known many people to become worse because they tried self-treatment which often leads to use of illegal drugs or behavior patterns that are negative.

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