stupid questions ...

    this has been covered before. i answered other people's comments but did not make my own comment. Now I can't find the question and I'm just left hanging out there without an explanation.
    I've been playing on akaqa for quite some time. so I do know when there's a serious message. always. I believe.
    I carry insects carefully by the wings and let them out all the while singing "born freeeee" I wouldn't hurt anyone. there is karma here and that's serious. I don't want to get hurt so i don't hurt. (I was stung once by a fat bumble bee)
    I gotta lay down. My back hurts. (not from the sting of the fat bumble bee!!)

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    yes.. There needs to be a site search.
    I searched for the question you were talking about with "stupid questions" and didn't turn it up. I do remember talking about answering serious questions when need be, but laughing it off when they were unintelligible etc. Can't find it sorry.
    6 dogs & Jen ... I guess I got the news I wanted and also made the comment I wanted to make. It's difficult to play here ... but it's fun.
    anybody else have a lot of trouble finding stuff. (I'm trying to keep this front page news)

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