Is it normal to fight more with your child right before she goes to college?

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    i have no idea. please dont fight with your child. just let them know how fearful you are and how you will miss them because you love them sooo very much.
    probally yes my guess she might be intimidated by the fact of leaving home and facing life without 'mommy" around to vent her frustration. once she gone a while she'll want to be your best friend..
    YES! trust me too.
    You're among the lucky one's, some parents have to fight with their children to go to college. It may be hard to cut the apron string, but it's time to let go, and may your child have great success obtaining a college education.
    Maybe you're just trying to get it out of your system....much better though, to make his/hers transition to college a pleasant experience....he/she will have enough problems just getting used to college life!
    My guess would be yes. Just going by experience here, moving is also one of the most stressful things a person can do in life so I'm sure this will have an effect as well.

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