Are Payday loans bad for you?

    i have heard of these loans and i am curious but not sure about trying one

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    yes. it becomes a game of catch up nd most people can never catch up.
    I think they should be banned
    I've heard they charge up to 800% interest. See a loan shark, much better rates.
    In New Hampshire they have outlawed them. Too many people getting suckered into the neverending catchup game.
    They are bad,high interest rates,my mom once got a payday loan,they put her check in on the wrong day and all of her checks bounced,it screwed her account up for a while,it took some time but she finally got it back together,they had to pay for her bounced check fees,but she learned a hard lesson,and never did another payday loan again.They just aren't trust worthy.
    thanks. I wont bother then
    It's legalized loan sharking. So consumer beware, if you can't afford to buy it save up and get it later.
    They are if you are an employer.
    At 2800 per cent they are bad news

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