does anyone have any ideas for home based business? Not looking for a get rich quick scheme.

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    Bake cakes.
    Or cookies, or cupcakes or pies. Cupcakes are doing really good business now. So many little companies are making quite a profit and booming. People standing in lines to get their cupcakes, can you believe it.

    If I had known how big a business cupcakes were 20 years ago, I would have started a business then. I love cupcakes. Probably would have eaten myself right out of business.
    Day care, dog walking, gardening, if you have a car look into a service to take seniors to appointments and shopping, a gift basket business, I had one I called the "Basket Case" with theme gift baskets,hanging basket flower themes,another good idea is to go to local bakeries and tell them you would like to start a delivery service like the old days when milk and bread were delivered door to door. I have a million ideas so let me know what you like to do and see if there are more ideas based around that.

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