do I have migraine because I am overweight?

    I have migraine 24/7, every day, every hour. no medication helps. I would be lucky if I have no migraine for a few days a months. I also feel numbness in my leg, pressure on my knee, pain in my breast and ovaries. Could it be because of being overweight?

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    Very unlikely. I'm slim and have had it all my life. There are many triggers and some people have more than one thing that starts a migraine.

    Medical science has finally come up with treatments that work. Go to your doctor, and be prepared to go back as often as it takes to find the tablets that work for you.

    While you are there take Darci's advice and get you weight problem checked out too. There could be all sort of reasons for it and it should be sorted.
    Makes no difference.
    You need to go to the doctor and get a full checkup and blood work done. Being over weight can cause lots of issues, but I do not think that would cause Migraines.

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