Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

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    I was arrested by the police, does that count? They alienated me from all my friends and family.

    I guess so.
    However they do a great service.

    I agree CHAIN they police are fantastic.

    Even the ones that got me.
    No...But my cat was on a sunny day when i was ready to give her a bath.......well at least that's what she told me when i asked her :)
    Cant remember "if I say a big IF you were abducted you are not soposed to remember"

    No, you do remember later on, but in patches.

    oh no I do remember na its gone again!

    Right on Mel, I was thinking the same thing. I did have a very vivid dream of being abducted by aliens when I was a young child. Who knows?

    you never know this could have happened do you have flash backs Leeroy if you do you may have been abducted!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo spookie
    yes, 16 years ago, and i'm still living with her!
    Yes - the Grandchildren come to see us every weekend.
    I was wondering how i got here.
    I can only wish! Take me awaaaaayyyyyyy!
    ya but were back now in human form
    yes they were driving a 67 impalla they set me free once they smoked all my dope
    I was arrested by the police, does that count? They alienated me from all my friends and family.

    very good
    Yes, that's why I'm known as SPACEghost, I think they are coming back for me.

    Jan, Jace and Blip are with them now and they are coming back for me.


    Have a great family reunion. :-)

    Thank you, we're going to have the reunion in another galaxy, many light years away....
    I cannot say I have, but the poor bastard that married my sister-in-law was. Sixteen years into that union and one day he just disappeared . ( He left her for another woman ) She is a REAL alien, a witch, a loca to say the list

    very funnie varon
    MMMM Only when it is needed.
    OH YEAH.

    They do appear around here as well, you know!

    I know, they don't write English very well.

    No. There are many Aliens around here that look like People.

    and people that look like aliens!
    no i have not,but if you relect you know who,that could be a new thing to have to fear in your future

    hi eggplant i got abducted by alians it was my little nefew who dress up in alian cloths got hes helment lazer gun go ing balestic he was a best nehew we pretend to fly in a space ship relising  misles ca pow the mother ship wheant boom from sniper1237""et gone a get you lol


    Yeah, when we were kids we used to play those sorts of games. Like your picture.

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