What do you prefer: living in a private house with a big yard or living in a loft on the 20th floor?

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    good question Boris


    Very good question.

    Thanks spaceghost.

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    Love living in the sticks. Total quiet, apparently so do my relatives. They are constantly here on the weekends. They always comment how well they sleep here. The little ones hand feed the Deer, and have names for them. Getting them in the cars for the trip home is heart breaking. You'd think they were being kidnapped by strangers. I lived in the city for quite some time but I now prefer the quiet. Old age I guess.
    I like living where I am., surrounded by woods, lake at front door and all the wild animals.The only thing missing are my birds, they have not come back yet.
    ed shank

    There here at my place messing up the cars and anything else you can think of. Please call them back to your place.
    I live in my own house with chickens, vegetables and fruit trees. You can't get that in a loft on the 20th floor!
    Give me a big yard with room to grow veggies and flowers and have plenty of room for the big dogs to play.
    house and garden with open fields to look out to and not forgetting the hills the only place I would swap would be a house near the sea but I still would want my garden as love gardening
    My own house in the middle of the woods.... I can sing and dance and stay in my bathing suit all summer long.... No complaints from anybody. :)
    country bumpkin

    I want to come for a visit.I know how you love to have guest over for a few days.Tee-Hee!
    I prefer my own space so a unit is OUT. Never know who your neighbours are one week to the next.

    eggplant I know what you mean but fogive my chuckle please."I live in my own house with chickens, vegetables and fruit trees----"I can see the chickens roosting in the trees but doesn`t it get messy in your house , chooks,trees and vegetable garden?

    You all sound as though you have found Nevana.
    The house and a yard for sure
    house with a big yard
    Give me the house with a garden any day.
    House for sure,the privacy and peace that comes with it is the best!
    Private house with BIG yard ANY DAY !!!!
    House with a big yard for me too.
    I just love the beauty of the country, and a big house. I don't really like the city, but most of the time I've lived in the city I've lived in private homes.
    I live in Chicago! Obviously my choice would be that big house with a living sucks.

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