Would you rather win the lottery or work hard and make a fortune?

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    I'd rather win the lottery. It's quicker, if you're lucky!
    The lottery of course. Work did, and always will suck.
    All I want is enough to pay the bills, I'm there right now as long as the bill don't keep going up or I live to
    I have already worked hard and didn't make a fortune, so guess I'll take the lottery.
    if you asked me this 20 years ago i would have said hard work, now our days i'll take the lottery,
    Lottery without a doubt because I already work hard!
    I have been retired for a good few years now, so I guess the lotery is my only option
    I would rather work hard with the money I won from the lottery , making it grow.

    Great answer!!!!!!!!
    Albert Einstein sums it up for me
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
    I'm with most of you, I have already worked hard and I am not a wealthy person by any means. If someone would just continue to pay me, I would be happy just not to work and still be able to pay the bills. But NO Work, No money! It would be nice to have the lottery to retire to.
    I would rather work hard, you gain respect for your self and I would love my job so it would be good
    I have done the hard work thing for most of my life, and it was more rewarding, but you don't always get ahead. I was ahead for sometime, but things happen in life and the next thing you know you are right back at square one.

    Research has shown that most of the people who win the lottery wind up broke in a few years, this is because people that haven't ever had money don't know how to keep it, or use it wisely. So to answer the question I would prefer to win the lottery, but I understand how to manage my money now.

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