Do you have 'Right on Red' in your state?

    In New Jersey when u are at an intersection and want 2 make a right turn, if the light is red, you can proceed if no oncoming traffic is approaching. Is it like that in your state?

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    Robert Schlapp

    Same in Ohio !!

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    Same here in Virginia. You can make a right turn on red if you come to stop and no traffic coming.

    Yes to Georgia... New Hampshire... Mass...and Florida

    In Michigan right on red unless    otherwise   posted

    Yes in California unless otherwise posted. It is also the opposite for left turns. If you are on a one-way street and in the left lane and approach the cross street which is one-way to the left you may make a left turn on red when it's clear.

    Yes, it is the same in Texas. You can make a right turn on red if you first come to a stop and there is no traffic approaching.


    Of course we drive on the other side of the road here in Australia so it would be left on red.But the rule does not exist here.Most intersections have a turn left only lane where you can"Proceed with caution" when the lights are red.

    I thought it was a good idea when I was driving in America although in the beginning I thought there were a lot of red light runners until someone put me wise to the rule.

    Most of NY State allows it, but only after stopping, and when it's safe to proceed.

    It is right on red after stop here in Virginia.  Has been for  many  years........

    i thought it was a federal issue , not governed by the state... i guess i broke the law in half of america..


    It had been a state issue. By now it could be Federal unless a state says NO. So again check your state laws

    Yes, in Maine we have right on red also.

    Of course  some people do not stop or even look when there is a red light..    They drive like they are the only ones around !!

    Yes here in Ohio,unless other wise posted.

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