DOES anyone feed their dogs cooked bones or rather raw?

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    Raw. Cooked can splinter and cause internal damage. Dogs stomachs are designed to process raw foods, not cooked. Raw is always best, including meats.
    Raw.Especially chicken.Never - ever give your dog cooked chicken bones.

    What about large bones, such as cooked shank bones with lots of meat on them for our lab.

    I'd give him the bone but watch him. Once the meat is gone and he's down to gnawing on the bone, take it away. A shard from the bone could slice is stomach or get stuck in hos esophagus.
    Yeah but not too many as they can cause constipation.And don't leave them laying around the yard because when they start to decay they can give your dog diahorrea.(If he eats them).

    Well I might try with just the one, because all his diet really consists of is dry food, which he does like, but as quite a big dog, just a treat now and then.
    OK guys, here we go again, this is just my opinion - and also my Vets opinion too!

    Never give a dog chicken bones - raw, cooked or otherwise. Chicken bones break easily and will penetrate the throat, stomach or intestines and kill your dog as fast as a bullet will.

    Dog bones are the number one choking hazard as Tommyh has kindly stated. Dogs love to gnaw on bones but too many will impact a dog seriously and could cause his intestines to rupture. Would you want to send your dog to the vet's to have his poop scooped out of his butt hole. Na da! Not a nice thing to do, but the only way to clear out a blockage. The diarrhea can come from the raw meat too as well as spoilage from sitting around too long.

    The truth of the matter is people - the only thing guaranteed to clean your dog's teeth, keep his breath fresh, exercise his gums is.......ta da! CARROTS They will not give him diarrhea, constipation, choke him or anything else detrimental! I have not fed my dogs bones in 5 years, I buy 20+ lbs of carrots a week for my six dogs and they get them sliced in their dinners as well as a whole or half of one after each meal and as a treat in between meals.

    Do you dogs a favor, don't kill them with bones! Give them a carrot instead, they'll love you for it (and so will your Vet)!
    TU to Colleens answer.I've seen that happen with a rib bone.One of my collies got one stuck across her throat.She survived but it was dramatic.
    I guess the next lesson will be "how to get your dog to stop chewing your shoes and slippers" LOL!

    Thats a big task with a labrador!

    Yes Tommyh, I have two now and two more buried in the backyard from years past. I know all too well!
    my old dog prefered my shoes rather than a bone.
    Interesting observation 6dogs, I was brought up on sheep stations in Australia and we always gave the working dogs raw bones, including the odd Kangaroo.(the kangaroo wasn`t odd)
    My dogs for years now have had a diet of cooked vegetables and raw chicken frames.
    I do not feed dry dog food as my vet said it is high in fat and puts the weight on.
    My vet knows my dogs diet and said it is fine, I get a kilo of frozen mixed vegetables and boil up with half a cup of brown rice plus a stock cube for flavour. About a cup of vegs and half a raw chicken frame is her night time feed.

    The night time feed is a result of farming, feed the dogs at night they are less likely to wander if they slip the chain.

    Very interesting PL. This is a side of the dog kingdom that makes perfect sense in your circumstances. Wonderful information. I shall file that away in the memory banks for safe keeping.

    Thanks 6 dogs.Dogs are the best things ever.

    We had one working dog that we could have mob of sheep on the road looking for feed, during a drought, and "Fred" could be left unchained over night at one end and not one sheep would get past him.
    At the other end of the mob we would have 2 or 3 dogs on long chains to do the same holding. "Fred" was worth 5 men.
    Now he prefers slppers.

    Yep.He's a Labrador.They are reknowned for it.They will even rip the washing off the clothes line to chew it up.They do grow out of it tho....Eventually.they are worth the trouble when they are pups.beautiful dogs!:)
    Now he prefers slppers.

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