cemented laundry

    how would i remove dried cement on laundry ?my b.f. works in heavy equip. 8 hrs. a day or more. by the time he gets home ,the dirt, tar ,cement ,is already dried on the clothes. i have done the pre soak ,stain treatment even tried brushing it ,scratch at it . i don't know what else to try . can you help?

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    try boiling the clothes on the stove. Doing one at a time or pour boiling hot water on the area where it's dried. Lemons will break up a few stains. let me know how it works..


    yes, thank you . i will try that today .

    Get him some overalls for work, then it dont matter if there full of stains as long as there clean.
    It goes with the job, if he dont like them then tell him to go to the laundry with them himself.

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