what is worst diagnosis a doctor can give you?

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    To have the Doctor tell me my child is not going to make it would be the most horrible diagnosis for me.
    Alzheimer's disease. It's not only a bad diagnosis for you, but for your family as well.

    does the person with alzheimer's know his/her problem?

    I don't think so

    No, he doesn't even know his own name or anyone else for that matter. It's a horrible disease. For everyone involved.

    thanks black

    Your very welcome.

    yse, In early Altzheimers, they know it. The first person that Dr. Kervorkian helped to commit suicide knew she had althzhimers and said she wanted to die before she got so bad.
    And , also, my neighbor , who has it, told me in the early stages that she had it. I had known it before she told me.

    The late President Ronald Reagan made a very moving speech when he admitted he had been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
    ALS Lou Gehrigs disease

    ALS is bad, very bad. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
    Alzhiemers disease
    No diagnosis.. The not knowing is the worst.
    You've got cancer and you will die next week.

    To 6dogs,---Unfortunately, people don't die quickly of cancer--- like within a week. It is a slow death that takes months, sometimes years.
    congestive heart failure

    My neighbor dropped dead from this one day walking down the stairs about ten years ago, he was in his forties and had been warned by a doctor to go to the ER a few days before, but his medicare/cardiologist disagreed and convinced him that he was fine.

    They actually made the doctor call him and apologize the next day for scaring him. One of my neighbors down stairs was a retired fireman and the other was a retired from the police force. They both tried to revive him, but when the paramedics arrived they said he was dead before he hit the ground.

    He was such a nice guy from Maine, I bought a van from him and luckily had the chance to witness to him about a week before hand. So at least I know he went up instead of down. That was comforting, I had no idea how much time he had left, but God did. So how cool is God...

    awesome knowing that he accepted christ at the eleventh hour. you never know when your numbers up.

    Praise the Lord
    Doctor "I got the test results and they showed you had six days to live."
    Me "well at least I have time to get things in order"
    Doctor " well not really I have been trying to contact you for six days"

    ok LOL ...stand up and take it on the road.
    Huntington's Chorea. My Half-Sister may carry the gene. Her father died from it. There is a test to determine if she carries the gene. She does not want to know if she has it or not.


    thanks to all that took the time to read this and TU me.

    Really, thank you
    You have a short time to live.
    ed shank

    My wifes former employer was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and was told to get his personal effects in order. The doctor told him he had six weeks to live. I spoke to him several days prior to the doctors prognosis and he seemed completely healthy. He died exactly to the day six weeks later.

    Wow man, that's heavy !
    Ms Sinclair

    Wow. So sad. I wonder how long he would have lived had he not been told he was going to die in 6 weeks.

    That's unuasual. Even the best doctors can't tell you exactly how long you have to live.My dear cousin, Mike , died of prostate cancer a few years ago :-(
    Doctor: "I've got very bad news - you've got cancer and Alzheimer's"
    Patient: "Well, at least I don't have cancer

    got my giggle.

    We need a little humor sometimes
    I don't know what is wrong with you.
    dr. oz said it's pelvic prolapse because it's embarassing and 50% of women have it to some degree.
    you don't die from it but from the sounds of the explanation ...................
    but the good news: it can be easily fixed. (they say)
    they tell you that you have an incurable disease. Here's some SUGAR DIABETES AIDS ALZHEIMER'S MS after they tell you it is like some body came along and gave you a swift kick in the backside !!

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    Cancer, chronic heart faliure, lung faliure, Unnatural brain development..

    Since you have missed the payments for your kidney transplant I’ll have to repo the organ now.
    Inspired be the movie “Repo Men"
    Brain dead with no hope of recovery.
    "Get dressed" - and then ..... "oh i am not a doctor"!
    The wrong diagnosis
    Cancer. My husband died of bladder cancer that went to his bones and some of his organs :-(
    I had cancer , but survived, at least, for now.......
    Doctor told me once i had two failed kidneys, I somehow pulled out of that, then 2 months later a different doctor told me I had a very aggressive cancer-- Somehow i beat that too, no kidney problems and no cancer to be found..

    These two bits of news was the most scary in my life but I stayed calm, my wife went bezerk though.. I was very lucky..

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