Type 2 diabetes cure?

    A report has just been released saying that T2 diabetes can be cured by taking a very low calorie diet (600 cals. per day) for 3 months.

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    11 people followed a diet of liquid drinks and non-starchy vegetables in a trial at Newcastle University. After one week blood sugar levels had returned to normal. Over 2 months insulin cell function became normal and pancreatic fat decreased.
    3 months later after resuming normal eating most participants remained free of diabetes.
    So it may be that diabetes is no longer a life sentence.
    Ain't no cure.But treatment is simple.Ask your Dr.

    It can work with Diabetes 2, but never with Diabetes one. Loosing weight and changing your diet can eliminate Diabetes 2.

    This might work with type2 as I've heard that losing weight can do the same thing but type1 is a different animal.

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