with all this rain and flooding in the mid-west, why can't we take some of the water out of the rivers put it into tanker cars and use trains to bring it down to the areas of the wild fires. it might help solve two problems

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    Cost and the fact you could never transport enough water to do the job (on either end - bringing enough to make a difference or taking enough to make a difference). It would cost WAY more than any benefit that could be achieved. It is not that they do not have enough water where it is needed, it is getting it to the remote fires and having it do any good in the desert environment. Besides, they have chemical retardants that are more effective than water, and physical ways of fighting the fire. Bringing water from as far away as the midwest is just not physically, economically, or logistically possible, nor would it really do any good.
    good idea, but that is so intelligent and organized, and would benefit ssooo many people , that the government would never do it.

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