bath salt overdoses and symptoms

    Does anyone know what the symptoms of the new bath salts drug overdoses are or how much the peaple were using that have overdosed

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    When did this new enjoyable (???) high come into play!!! Unbelievable!

    Pet Angels

    I have not heard of it? What is Bath Salts Drug?

    Pet Angels

    Gosh I guess I better watch what I answer to my Kids what I want for Christmas! LOL

    Zig Zag



    ill tell you everything i know about bath salt from me a bath salt abuser. its supposedly meant to be like fake coke and wont show up on drug test, like spice, (which is fake weed) it does not feel like coke what so ever! and dont ever try to do as much as you can do coke. thats why it has caused so many people to overdose on it. cause they think its like coke, but its wayy stronger. if you ever plan on doing it, i would very much consider you dont. and if you really do, do a VERY SMALL dose of it, thats all you need to feel high. and it doesn't feel like coke at all, its an upper, youll start to be really shaky and be then start tweaking. it feels like doing meth. last night i did a whole vile of it, i should be dead right now. honestly anyone else that does even half a vile of it either overdoses or is permently phycotic. do you realize how i cant fucking even spell right anymore. im so brain dameged. it sucks, i have no idea how i woke up this morning, im suppouse to be dead, or at least meantly insane. but it has dameged my brain so much, i have never felt so stupid! i regret it so much. even all my friends noticed to day i couldnt even talk straight. and i been blowing up on everyone that tells me im acting weird. but they are right.its hard to admit. im so scared i will be like this permently. i did something so stupid. it is not something you ever wanna get into. i seen my friends that will do too much sometimes, and its horrible to watch them on it. i have never done as much as i did lastnight, i should not be here now. im done with it now, ill never touch that shitt again. im still tweaking from it and its been like this for about more than like 18 hours now? i cant remember shit, or feel any emotions. bath salt is dangerous shit head. i used to be so smart, i cant believe i made such a stupid dission to do that much. i hope i will be back to normal. anyone else that would do that much, i would be dead insently. it sure felt like i was dieing but i only scwerd myself over.God did this to me on purpose to teach me a lesson for being so stupid. i was not in the right state of mind. and when i woke up this morning i couldnt believe it. and felt like shiiitttt. DONT EVER DO IT! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, NOW I WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE HARM IT HAS CAUSE ME. I CANT TALK STRAIGHT, CANT SEE STRAIGHT, CANT SLEEP, CANT EAT, CANT CONTROL MY ANGER, CANT STOP SHACKING,I USED TO WEIGH 116 BEFORE I STARTED USEING IT, AND NOW I WEIGH 99 POUNDS! ITS SO SAD, I WANNA EAT BUT FOOD JUST SEEMS SO GROSS. I FORGET EVERYTHING! THIS IS GONNA AFFECT MY GRADES AT SCHOOL SOO MUCH!:( BATH SALT HAS RUINED ME. DONT LET IT RUIN YOU, YOUR BETTER THAN IT.

    dude I'm like you at the moment i did a gram of it last night because my friend who's had no side affects from it and he dose it on the weekends showed me it and told me to just do it like coke and so i did thinking he was the professional on it well so far I've was up for around 36 hours straight I've had terrible stomach pains and migraines from the withdrawal after my first time of using it. I've had to force myself not to do what was left to ease the pain that im going through
    Tylenol helps with the headaches somewhat ive found out and theres this stomach syrup called nausea control u can get at your local walgreens or cvs or such and that helps alot with the stomache pains. as for itching like ive been getting im taking benadryl pm's which are also alowing me to get a little nap time and such for the length that the pill decides to last as for when i didnt have itching i used a sleep time liquid drop to help myself get sleep. ive been suffering of symptoms for the last 3 days but im slowly fighting them off as for everyone you can take care of the symptoms yourself however i recomend if you are able to go to the hospital then do so because you wont have to suffer as much then. However I to highly reccomend getting the thought of trying it out of your heads its not a synthetic coke as i was told what it is is synthetic heroine and crack just abused and made to look like a coke substance.

    Really, half a g did that to yall. Ive been doing a gram a day for bout a month now. I dont feel any different i think perfectly straight, work every day, no vision problems, eat regularly, and keep my weight at 180, been at that weight for years. What kinds were yall doin? Cause either im extremely tolerant or hell idk. After hearing wat a half vial did to yall, kinda makes me wonder how and why i can do so much and not be effected.

    Excuse my language but what is the F**KING POINT? You are all stupid for thinking it was a good idea in the first place. I actually wish that everyone who does drugs or bath salts of whatever the heck your snorting, had a negative effect. A life altering near death experience when they say I'm stupid and I will never do it again. Because it is STUPID.

    Theres no where in the world you can fix STUPIDITY. STUPID IS AND STUPID DOES. Go figure, after everything that has happen stupid is still stupid...
    sharz tarz

    its not a good idea but us humans make stupid ones all the tim.but i did way to much of it the other night,thought every thing was cool then about four hours later i was having massive body tremors my eyes went dark i stated to swett really bad then it would stop and happen over and over.but then a really bab one happend and i finnaly called my mom ...last person in the world i wanted to know btw.she took me to the hospital with a crazy high blood rate...ugggggggg what was supposed to be fun really f*ing sucked.

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    this is not bath salts like epsom salts and what not that you would really bath in. these are sold as 'bath salts' in convienence stores, but they look like cocaine or meth. they are sold in small amounts for a lot of money and are a 'legal' alternative to an upper high. also, these same stores are selling a synthetic marijuana, but it is labeled as potporrie. (sp?)
    anyway, on these products, it says 'not for human consumption' but this is bull shit. these products are clearLY being marketed as a legal high.

    i have heard people being up for 4 to 5 days off of these 'bath salts'.

    the funny thing is that as far as true physical damage, these products are far worse for you than their illegal counterparts that they are imitating. especially in the case of the synthetic marijuana, in which case the real thing is almost completely harmless and in some cases is being found to have positive effects.

    cheers. and please, don't sniff any bath salts today....

    ole hipster

    Just saw your answer Zachary Simone. Thanks for enlightening me. I was really wondering about this one! I know a lot about drugs per se, however, this was a new one on me and sounds real bad....what kids won't do these days! I thought we on this site, who have been around the block a few times, did some strange "things" in our youths! NOT!


    These %'S are so seemingly large but once you see the number of people that actually admit to doing it in the first place is quite low. For example say ten people admit to consuming and 5 claim headaches once you hear 50% of the people experience headaches seems like a lot being only told the percentage.

    ""Don't take bath salt because this is how you'll end up looking. And you'll become a cannibal and attack people on the street.

    Bath salt should be a illegal drug just started taking a week ago I keep taking it everyday it was so bad my body craved it so bad u feel all light and your body feels amazing the way u see is like your on Ex Thursday night I bought two pills and was like this high sucks so I took another one about a hour after then came the mess I was seeing people with guns and moviing a dead body I thought some one was in my car it was bad ended up in the hospital then a mental hospital bath salts are bad and btw I piss hot when they had me pee at the hospital for phimines or how ever you spell that shit I do not recommend at all if u wanna be paraniod 24/7 like me

    I like to sniff my shampoo, it makes my nose tinge. Maybe I'll have to try this bath salt stuff?

    Zig Zag

    not wrong,

    try snorting think your bath was good:::::


    my neighbor guy - realllly good looking used strawberry shampoo. i walked over to his house to borrow a cup of sugar and he'd just washed his hair. he asked if i wanted to sniff his long hair (1984) i burrowed my nose in his hair and it's true i got high and almost ...
    well, nothing happened because right at the crucial point his girl friend walked in. i have a way of going off topic. itsmee

    ole hipster

    Hey leeroy are you still sniffing your shampoo? Which brand is best? lol

    This is a serious drug! Don't take it unless you've consulted with a physician.

    Well - nothing is yet know about the long term effects of the drugs.

    As for immediate side effects:
    The ECMDDA reported that bath salt drug can cause various unintended side effects including: poor concentration, teeth grinding, problems focusing visually, poor short-term memory, hallucinations, delusions, erratic behaviour and dilated pupils.
    They noted that the most severe effects appear anecdotally to be linked with high doses or prolonged usage and that the effects may be due to users taking other intoxicants at the same time. Other effects that users in internet forums have noted include changes in body temperature, increased heart rate, breathing difficulties, loss of appetite, increased sweating, discolouration of extremeties, anxiety, paranoia and depression.

    When snorted it can also cause nose bleeds, and nose burns.

    A survey conducted by the National Addiction Centre, UK found that 67% of mephedrone users experienced sweating, 51% suffered from headaches, 43% from heart palpitations, 27% from nausea and 15% from cold or blue fingers, indicative of vasoconstriction occurring.
    Doctors at Guy's Hospital, London reported that of 15 patients they treated after taking mephedrone in 2009, 53% were agitated, 40% had increased heart rates, 20% had systolic hypertension and 20% had seizures; three required treatment with benzodiazepines, predominantly to control their agitation. They reported that none of their patients suffered from cold or blue peripheries, contrary to other reports. Nine out of the 15 of patients had a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 15 indicating that they were in a normal mental state, 4 had a GCS below 8, but these patients all reported using a central nervous system depressant, most commonly GHB, with mephedrone. The patients also reported polydrug use of a variety of compounds

    ole hipster

    Volcane you've got a great answer here too! Thumbs up for ya' (: Sure doesn't sound like a drug I would venture trying!


    These %'S are so seemingly large but once you see the number of people that actually admit to doing it in the first place is quite low. For example say ten people admit to consuming and 5 claim headaches once you hear 50% of the people experience headaches seems like a lot being only told the percentage.

    wow.. they put drugs in bath salts?... Better to take a hot bath without them then.

    I used to add Dettol to my bath, please don't tell me I am a drug user!!!

    I'm confused, you mean regular bath salt you buy in the store? Funny that this came up, I found when I took a bath with bath salts, my hearts raced a little more, I thought it was because of the hot water thinning my blood a little.. Am I wrong?


    Bath salt is what its "street name" is. Not actual bath salt.

    extreme thirst

    This is the first time Ive heard of such a thing.I have been wrecked on my Harly and I was told by my doctor to sit in warm epsom salt baths to releive the pain in my legs.I was also taking 750 Vicodin, xanax and Ibuproven for the pain.Are people snorting it for a high or just bathing in it ? Please let me know any info you know about---My accident was in 1998---I never felt any ill affects from it and I dont even know if we are talking about the same stuff.

    ole hipster

    You TOOK 750 VICODIN!!! You must've got really, really high!! (only kiddin' I know you meant 750 mg, er-r I hope so anyway!) lol

    Mephadrone or "bath salts" is relatively new and it is one of the latest "not yet illegalized" recreational drugs. It is sometimes called "Molly" cuz its effects are similar and NO it is not like epsom or other bath salts you have bought in the past and soaking in it will not get u high. You would not mistakenly buy this for real "bath salt" use because it is expensive and comes in small quantities. It has also been referred to as "plant food" and packaging always says "not for human consumption". If u arent interested in getting high off this, do not be concerned that u may mistakenly access it.....won't happen. If caught with large quantities, it will be confiscated but for the time being, authorities aren;t yet able to prosecute because it is not illegal. It is however dangerous and absolutely causes drug induced paranoid schizophrenia. It does cause you to be up for days and just the lack of sleep alone can make a person psychotic not to mention the physical damage to the body. You are definitely taking a risk fooling with this stuff but there are many out there doing will be illegal soon and then the next new drug will appear.........

    These "salts" are MDMA, or an analog of the chemicals that comprises MDMA. These do act as a vasoconstrictor, which can induce a "rush" or speeding sensation. Even small doses over a long period of use, will cause a period of nervousness and to some extent paranoia. Has been known to cause sweating, loss of appetite, slower thinking w/ short term memory loss.
    It's effects seem to slowly terminate with decreasing use. MDMA has also been seen as a legal alternative for addicts who abuse crystal meth and are in substance withdrawal. Xanax is the standard advisable prolific for MDMA over-use and over-dosing. No clinical work performed on the over use of these "salts", only personal experience of users, not in trial, as of this date 4-11.

    Stupid!!!!! I just had friend die last month and my niece is laying in a hospital bed right now because of the stupid sh!t!!!! What the heck is wrong with you all???

    i had to go the hopital....sooo embarising any ways i didint want my mom or my boyfiend to know what i was doing because we all no its not good at all.i did it cuss i like to get high and it was easy to get.i ignored every thing...godd damnnn its been about a day and a half and my chest still hurts...i lost control of all my moter skills my heart rate sound really scary it was pounding out of my chest.i couldent even talk very well at all...i thought i was going to die..i had never felt anything like that in my life...i have done tons of diff street drugs but this crap will get you high then poisin you..if you love the feeling of almost dieing and waiting 12 hours to make sue you wont then this is your stuff!


    I don't think this stuff is for ANYONE!!! I know a person who just died on it and one laying in the hospital now! So not worth it. I really don't think people realize how quickly things can go bad! They think they are invinsible! No matter how bad things are, there can be nothing worse than the outcome of taking this drug! Why can't people see that? They are hurting so many more than just themselves! If it is just the high you/they are seeking, then think about taking up sky diving or mountain climbing etc! It will probably cost less in the long run and give you a natural high like you have never felt!!!

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