Upgrading breaker box, Thinking of installing 25amp breaker, replacing20amp breaker

    Currently have 20amp breaker, but when using new Table saw with lights on, trips breaker. Thinking upping the breaker amps will solve problem. Anything special I need to know ?

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    Would be better to put the lights on a separate circuit ( 15 amp for #14 wire or 20 amp for #12 wire), I bet you have #12 wire going to the saw and it is only rated for 20 amp, I don't think you can find a 25 amp because a 30 amp is for a #10 wire.
    Headless Man

    When your saw is starting up draws more, if you keep lights off until saw is running if should be fine, if not you might need a #10 wire run to your saw with a 30 amp breaker.
    Look and see what your saw amp is.
    If you have space in the box, maybe you should consider running a seperate line for the saw, and other power tools. Hector and Flip are both right in what they mentioned. But, when you mentioned, "with table saw and lights on, trips breaker," makes me wonder how much of a load is already on that circuit. This is something to at least consider, that doesn't run the risk of putting too large a breaker for the existing wiring, and also keeps that circuit you mentioned from being continually overloaded. I say this, in that it is a common thing to find circuits with too many things on them.
    You need to make sure the circuit (wire gauge,etc) is sufficient to support a 25 amp load. As Hector says, a circuit breaker can become weak.
    another good tip dont stand in a bucket of water while doing so..
    dont do this, the 20 amp breaker is so any load higher than 20amp will break the circuit. if you put a 25 amp in then you may blow everthing else including the lights. what else do you have on this particular circuit? as you havent said. If there are other appliances on the circuit consider shutting them down using the saw only. by the way all the other answers are ok.How many amps is the saw? add all the appliances amps on the circuit up and see what is being drawn at the same time, you may be unpleasanly surprised.

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