Is it wrong that my son...

    is on his first group date (without parents) and he pocket dailed me 25 mins ago and I am listening to them.... (he has his kids sister with him too.

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    You did the natural thing, at some point you are going to have to learn to trust that you did the best job you could to raise them, and let them out of the nest to spread their wings.

    It's never easy Jenn, but you still have a few more years, trust your motherly instincts, and leave them in God's hands. He will watch out for them, just pray and trust that you've done your best. I know you will do the right thing, that's in your character.

    Thanks Leeroy... They are always in Gods hands.. They were never mine to begin with, only on loan... they are his always and forever.

    Good attitude to have, it leads to less worrying about them.

    I would have to record that so he could review what he said when he gets back home.

    I know at that age I was busy trying to impress the ladies, it's just a natural thing for us. If I could find recording of some of the things I've told the ladies way back when, we could all have quite a few laughs.
    What do you expect from him? Look at the tooth fairy he has! 0.0

    LOL, well this worked better when I read it wrong and saw "what is wrong with my son.." hehe

    ROFL... You trully cause me pain when I laugh that hard... I am crying!!!!!!
    I can understand where you are coming from this must have been a shock but you do have to learn to trust and I know this is hard as Leeroy said he is in Gods hands and he will be looking out for him (((hugs)))
    Yea, I don't like them pocket dialing phones, you can't hear
    YES ... it is wrong. Disconnect your phone immediately!!

    muwahahahahaha... LOL
    Do not hang-up..... privacy is something only adults are entitled to.... working, self-supporting adults!

    I thought the maybe my daughter had dialed it so I could listen.. (When my hubby pockets dials me from work we all listen like it was a radio show from the forties.... My hubbt thinks it is wonderful that we want to go to work with him.) but then it was obvious it was in his pocket... I txted him and told him i had been listening to them for 30mins... He laughed.
    After a few mins of listening and realizing that he pocket dialed you, and if all seemed ok where he was at, then you should of hung up the phone. But still listening after 25 mins just to hear what they were talking about I think is ' bad behavior ' ......and 1 of my sayings is ... " bad behavior gets a spanking " ... so I hate doing this but , " Jenn, get across my lap young lady ! " .... LOLOL

    Bahahaha.. No! I wont do it.. I just listened on the way home from the movies.. Ihung up a texted him that I was listening for 30 mins. He thought it was funny. He really is a good kid, I dont worry about him.
    Jeez,I'm glad we never had cell phones when I was a kid.I'd still be grounded!

    LOL ... I would never had made it to see 17.
    Yes Jenn!it bad behavior to listen in on other people conversation,
    you know the saying "don't do on too other what you would want other do too you" easier said then done.Well Jenn I forgive you this time, just don't let happen again!LU{HUG}

    OK.. my bad.. But we do it all the time when we get pocket dailed.. We put who ever it is on speaker. So he should know that I would listen.. But he is a good kid... Ireally have no worries. I will stop being a bad influence... LOL

    I accept dear love,be nice to me,I cry easily.

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