Okay they are cutting off jobs like crazy ie example police departments okay I have a dumb question and by the way before you even say it no I did not get stopped for speeding or anything, but since they are so cut back why are they still sitting around trying to catch speeders, what about real criminals is it just because it is easy money and crime don't pay?

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    They have detectives for criminals and patrol officers for speeders and simple law breakers like jaywalkers and such.

    Yeah I saw where the Dallas Police Department is going to start writing citations to people for jay walking still say it is because it is easy money though LOL

    Well, someone has to pay for the donuts ;)

    LOL Collen you always know how to make me laugh.
    No, the reason they are sitting around trying to catch speeders is that there are so many of the them and they are dumber that shit. Take a look at the highway. People driving at speeds 15 to 20 miles per hour higher than the posted limit, poeple switching lanes without a signal like a snake slithering through the grass, people slowing down at stop signs without stopping, people failing to yeild right of way, and all of them showing a callous disregard for the life and limb of others. And that's the majority of people on the road. Basically, a hugh collection of rectoids. I try to drive safely and have an excellent record, but even I make the occasional mistake. However, when you add in the dumbasses, it becomes obvious why we need more police.
    Cops like me, thats why they go after speeders and people who U turn..........

    Uh-oh sorry Randy LOL
    The fines from the tickets are what is paying the salary...

    Their job is to enforce the law.

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