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    I am in a relationship with this woman who has two sons and the problem we are having is agreeing on how I am supose to treat her sons now mind you that these boys are should i say men are 28 and 26 years of age. But one is artistic in which i have no problem with except for the way hes over wieght but when i try to help with his wieght problem she totaly gos aganist the plan. he 433 pounds and about 6'2. but the main problem is the 28 year old son he dosen't work but sit around the house all day smoking his pot that she give him funds to by. and her excues is that everybody is always picking on him. He has a son of his own and he always step out and says that he will be right back which dosen't happen until about 1 or 2 in the morning. she speaks spanish and so dos he so when they tril to get around me they change the lanuish so that i can't hear him ask for money so what would you suggest be done in this stage of the game

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    Personally i dont think you can come between a mothers love for her children,she sounds set in her ways and isnt prepared to show tough love towards them.Remember blood is thicker than water.

    These are men and your girlfriend needs to let them be men. Time to cut the apron strings, she is really damaging the overweight one by enabling him to be a victim. I can see sheltering a child from mean comments but this is ridiculous. You on the other hand can't help the man with his weight issues either. Sometimes we chose to stay in situations or health issues because they bring us the attention we are seeking.Not in all cases, that's not fair at all to assume for everyone, but the son is working "it" and it sounds like you are part of the "it". The mother is caught up as well, we all do what works for us, whether it is healthy or not. You will have to either accept this or look for a way out. Don't play the victim role...take charge of the things that you can change and accept what you will...essentially it is your responsibility to be in charge of your life and the experiences you welcome into it.You can't change your girlfriends situation...she has to decide that for herself.

    awh, poor guy, good luck, but then again your talking about 28 and 26 years old, seriously , they still live with their mummy? good luck
    i mean youre not talking about children here or teenager, they are already adults, they should have their own lives by now, why do you have to worry about them?


    i mean youre not talking about children here or teenager, they are already adults, they should have their own lives by now, why do you have to worry about them?

    These kinds of relationships end up being hardest on the children.. situations like this results in a mother turning against her children, or turning against her boyfriend.. if you love her and want to stay with her, and also want her to love you then don't give her a reason to make that choice.. as hard as it is, you must say nothing. :] cheers

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