Why doesnt my mouse like cheese?

    I put some cheese next to my mouse on the computer, and its still there 3 days later!

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    maybe your mouse is not hungry, or don't like cheese.

    hi Pamela your no:1 is missing again also my cats love cheese !

    Hi, Mel the the #3 is missing. :-)
    LOL, you have to get the cyber cheese for the computer mouse ;)
    Just I mentioned to pamela131 My cats love cheese so if your mouse wont eat the cheese pass it on cheers

    your cats says...bring it on. lol!
    or the cat was standing over it "saying try coming over to get it
    It could be that your mouse is in a diet. It is kind of fat on the sides, it is not?

    Could be the wrong kind of cheese.


    good point!

    Thanks friend.

    Maybe like the Energizer Bunny!!!!

    Try some crumbs Harry.

    It could be that your mouses doctor suggested that it shouldn't eat cheese and is lactose intolerant?

    I've heard mice like peanut butter better, try that instead.


    My mouse has a little red eye underneath it and if yours is the same it may not be able to see the cheese. Try again but this time lay you mouse on its` side> Bit hard to do you may have to prop it up.

    Honest now, how many of you out there are now trying to lay your mouse on its` side?

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