i have a wife who lets her 28 year old son get away with everything, he drinks everynite and ask for money everyday, he brings his girlfriend over on the weekends and just run up my cable bill, and bye the way he don't work so we have to take care of her grandson also who seens to be turning out to be just like his father, so my question is should i stay in this relationship

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    At 28 I already had served 4 years in the Navy and had a steady job for 6 years. Your wife will ALWAYS chose her son over you as long as that LOSER is in the house. I'd say its time to plot your escape.

    I agree with TSC! nothing is going to change! get out and start afresh. you only have one life, don't be afraid to enjoy it :-)

    After his is kicked out on his butt then the two of you should go to marital counseling. She probably thinks "oh, i love him and he's my son". He is taking advantage of your wife and she holds on to make sure he still loves her. His priority is himself and he will continue as long as you let him. Best thing you can do is let him hit bottom. Perhaps a therapist can explain what is happening and why she keeps holding on.

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