Do You Think We Should Withdraw Even More Troops By The End Of The Summer?

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    Here is the story summary:

    US military officers are drawing up plans for a modest troop reduction in Afghanistan that’s designed to meet President Obama’s July deadline without conceding the ground they’ve gained in the restive south. Preliminary plans call for the withdrawal of 5,000 troops in July, and another 5,000 by December—a relatively small chunk of the current 100,000-troop force, officials tell the Wall Street Journal.

    The proposals were drawn up before the death of Osama bin Laden, and could still be revised if that appears to be affecting the conflict—there’s hope it will make the Taliban more willing to negotiate. The plan also hasn’t been presented to the White House, which is sure to vigorously debate any move. “The president has made no decision about the scope or pace of the drawdown that will begin in July,” a National Security Council spokesman said. “Any speculation is therefore completely premature.”
    The goal is that Afghanistan remain a sovereign power that is not going to be overrun by violence and minority pressuring the public through brutal authority to bend to their will. If they cannot maintain order they will loose sovereignty and be absorbed by its neighboring countries in another round of conflict. The UN can redraw borders through the region with respect to cultural differences or by treaty law. Our withdrawal of troops is by functional replacement. That is, the work our troops do there now is to be preformed routinely by Afghanistan government personal. It is a process of training your replacements and overseeing their performance in those functions. This process does take time but the intent is to save lives and prevent conflict over large areas involving multiple countries in conflict over diverse and irresolute differences that interlock nations into propitiating conflict. Much greated disasters.

    Well said. In other words, withdrawing too many troops at one time can do more harm than good!
    Yes, I do.
    A big YES..

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