any advice for a wife of 20 yrs whose husband is trying to take everything. what are my legal rights in washington state? Also can he open a private mailbox without me knowing and will not let me have access?

    divorce wa state family law legal rights of men and women his main worry is money I may get and his precious tools, which I could care less about. He has been to jail once for domestic and is paranoid about going again. The police sidelined him on that one, but he blames me.

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    We cannot give you legal advice on this website, but we can give you our share of good commonsense. Get yourself a good lawyer fast and get was is owed to you. Make sure that you protect your rights from the beginning. He shouldn't get more than what is rightfully his and definitely not be able to take everything away from you. He can get a private mailbox, it's his right. If he doesn't want anyone else to access it, that's his right also. More than anything, protect yourself. He has hurt you in the past and your must be careful that it doesn't happen again. Best of luck to you.



    I just had to address this and I'm not even in Washington State.  And if you think its back there come to the South where women have no rights.  This man left after 20 years 3 days after that took his girlfriend to Florida for 10 days then got back went to Las Vegas 6 or 7 times moved into a 650,000 house with her while all these proceedings were going on and seeing that I was a stay at home Mom he had exclusive rights to all money coming in.  And this was not small amounts he's in the gambling business and the judge never once sanctioned his for all the marital asserts he used on her. Not even half way through divorce he bought her a new car, opened her up a business and it just goes on and on.  I went through 3 attorneys which cost 75,000 dollars he was never made to pay me for attorney fees and he was the one caught with Adultery  so my exact words from my attorney were it's just not a big deal anymore.  I could go on and on this lasted 5 years and did what ever he wanted and continues to till this day.  So I feel for you really this has been the most exhausting experience and my problem is he was ordered to pay me alimony until I die unless I marry and that ain't happening.  But in March of 2013 the FBI, Semiole Cty Sheriffs dept and other agencies arrested 7 of them form here for running poker machines in Florida he was arrested and was charged with 24 felony accounts and when that happened Semiole Cty put out a 441 page financial aff and in there between his partner they made over 120 million dollars and never disclosed in divorce and on top of that he bought his way out of the charges by paying over 700,000.  So my advise is you can't trust anyone not your attorney, not the courts no one.  I truly wish you the best because it's never a fair divorce not even close.  My best to you.  And if you have any questions I would be happy to answer.  During the divorce I became a paralegal but will never work for an attorney in SC.   

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