What do you know about non-human or human-like beings from other planets?

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    Nothing. I do not believe they exist.
    clueless...are you aware of such from other planets?
    Most of us don't know for sure, that's why we're waiting for them to show up.
    plenty of space cadets right here on earth..
    Only what Eggs tells me.
    Supposedly, the Annanuki were aliens from the fallen angels. They enslaved humans and forced them to wear collars with chains tied to them. Their spawn are still here, forcing humans to wear collared shirts and ties.
    for the most part, it has been proven that no "aliens" exist, however, we have found many micro-organisms that technically can be considered as "aliens".

    see my comment to this @DNAP above

    Where did this final conclusion; 'It has been proven no 'aliens' exist' come from???

    This is some real short sighted ignorance on someone's behalf.. Certainly not modern science. There exist no possible way through current technology something like this could be 'proven'.. Your proof is based on what? Who proved this fact?

    Have you any idea of how vast our universe is and the possibilities of life?? Incidentally, the term 'alien' refers to living things not indigenous to the location found.. A rose in a garden of carnations is an alien, also, its a weed..
    Source please....

    Vinny. All i was saying is that there have been no accounts of an 'alien' that has been found.

    Therefore, Vinny, I simply cannot come up with a source that 'aliens' do not exist, because of the fact that none have been found (or released to the public), which means that there may still be 'aliens' to be found. This is why there are no reliable articles, or proofs to go with my comment, because of the fact that any article that i would find would be considered as ignorant or biased, because even if we have no proof of 'aliens' not existing, there still may be some out there.

    And lastly, Vinny, I am aware of the actual definition of an alien, being 'Living things not indigenous to the location found'. And I am not using the term 'alien' loosely. I put quotation marks around the word 'alien', referring to it as a space alien, and not just any ordinary alien.

    Thank you and regards,

    Great answer DNAP, you're redeemed yourself. As far as no evidence found of aliens, there are some unexplained oddities that can not be explained away, 'Star-Child' comes to mind.

    Myself? I try to keep an open mind to this 'Alien' business as so many have the the 'Hollywood syndrome' of monsters from space with superior weaponry that are here for our water.. LOL I do not even insinuate that aliens have been here on earth however, I am hard pressed to even fathom the thought that there's proof they don't exist elsewhere, or here for that matter.. I can only hope that in my lifetime we do find the truth..

    Take care my friend.. Thanks for your intelligent reply..

    Thanks for being kind, and i will start to use more sources in my answers, thanks to you. I hope we can stay in touch on this website and thanks again for understanding. You must see that i am fairly new to this website, and dont know what to do as much as you. Sorry for replying so late to your response.


    No problem, we all have our 'expertise' in certain areas, some have many, I am not one of them, but together we know it all! LOL.. Your expertise here is welcome anytime! Have fun. check in often.

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