Was Japan was victorious in World War II?

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    negative try reading a world history book.
    No, otherwise we'd be carrying their golf clubs on the course.
    hell no
    Yes. They were victorious in pissing off the sleeping tiger. We are the baddest cats on the planet.

    you got that right!
    NO. But like Germany they won the peace.
    The victory for Japan was their love of their own country so much that they were willing to surrender rather than see their culture wiped out. I admire and respect that. They were very tough in combat and we suffered many losses but our collective losses had they not chosen surrender would have devastated both of us.
    Yes and No!

    japan was not victorious in the physical war, they surrendered unconditionally..

    On the otherhand, due to the war with the united states and its allies that 'they started', they were to become victorious in the economic war, they succeeded in becoming the world's super power economically in manufacturing and marketing goods made in japan to the world! We helped them initiate this as well as rebuild Japan.

    This was the beginning of the USA's demise as the leader in manufactured commodities. Today however, this title has been rapidly taken over by the Chinese.

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