Are High Gas Prices Causing You Financial Hardship?

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    Families feel the pinch when they fill up their tank. And for Americans that are already struggling to get by, a hike in gas prices really makes their lives that much harder. It hurts.

    Fortunately, I have a 4-cyl engine, and I'm about 10 miles from work. I only drive on a need to basis, at other times I walk.
    It's not only high gas prices that are hurting, its the ripple effect affecting everything we need to survive, groceries in particular. The high gas prices are bringing us to our knees. bankrupting middle class. I am not for big government but this is one time that i think the govmt. need to get involved and control the speculators..Opec as Trump said, 'ok, you've had your fun more!'

    It is difficult for anyone to handle a 50% increase in spending on gas, and 20-25% increase in food costs. It isn't directly OPEC though, it is the speculators on Wall Street that are buying up futures of oil, (along with other commodities) that is driving up the price and inflation with the diminishing dollar value. The other thing is that the refineries are only operating at 81% capacity. There needs to be an investigation done to see if the refineries are in collusion, to not produce gas at their full capacity and help keep the price artifically high.

    These high prices on everything is like pain, it hurts all over.
    Just a little so far, but I am driving much less now. I think that's what many people are doing. I have seen people driving much slower than usual on I-95, I believe it's to save gas.

    Thumbs up on your question.

    Thanks leeroy, it's rough out there, we got to do what we gotta do.

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