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    should someone be terminated from their job because of false information the boss received from another employee?

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    They would be fired, but they should be asked to come back when the info was found to be false.

    Unless a serious infringment has occured (IE theft, vandalism or assualt of another employee) and you are reasonably suspect, the firing should be considered 'wrongful termination'. Most companies 'write up' employees who perform an infraction to create a papertrail to protect themselves from a 'wrongful termination' lawsuit. If you were fired for a lesser infraction based on false information given by a fellow employee you should be allowed to 'state your case' before being fired. This would be a filing in your personnel record. If, in fact, this information were true and you repeat the infraction/accusation then grounds for termination are justified as such with the reasons listed above.

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